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"Nothing can wear you out like caring about people."
S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now (via bl-ossomed)

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Coachella 2014 
Photo Credit: Robin Harper


Coachella 2014 

Photo Credit: Robin Harper

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R.I.P. West Ham’s Dylan Tombides who has passed away at the age of 20.


The young Aussie had been battling cancer for the last few years and looked to be in the clear, so this sad news is a big shock for everyone.

R.I.P. Dylan. 

Official Statment here [x]


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Jordan Davis would have turned 19 this year.

The black teen was killed in 2012 while sitting in a car with his friends outside a Jacksonville, Florida convenience store, listening to music.

That music was too loud for Michael Dunn. Following an argument over the volume, the 45-year-old man fired his gun into the car full of teenagers, killing Davis. Dunn told his fiancee the teens were playing “thug music.”

On the eve of Davis’ birthday, a mistrial was declared on the first-degree murder charge. The jury found Dunn guilty of attempted second-degree murder and a count of firing into an occupied car.

While people struggled to make sense of the verdict, Jamie Nesbitt Golden kicked off the #dangerousblackkids hashtag on Twitter, with participants questioning a society where unarmed black kids are often interpreted as threats.

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The year is 3000, my great great great grand daughter isn’t fine at all and freddos are £4 each

#the dfs sale is still on though


i dont know whats happening in this post

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Real Madrid poses with the Copa del Rey trophy in Cibeles | 17-04-14

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